The game of chess

We all know about the game of kings, it is a game for people of all ages. You can learn to play it at any age and in chess, unlike in many competitions, you do not ever have to retire. Chess is one of the oldest games being played on this planet. Chess is the only game where luck or chance has no place. I have learned how to maintain intellectual abilities, develop more creativity and problem solving skills.

My Dad is a person who loves reading, and hates wasting time. Therefore, if there is anything that includes thinking, my father will tell me about it.

One day, in summer, my father was playing chess while I was reading a book. All of a sudden, my father asked me to play with him, and I hesitated, because it was a new game for me and I did not know anything about it. Then, my father decided to teach me some basic rules and strategies of this game. I really fell in love with this game, because it has benefited my mind. Somehow, I started to enjoy playing this game. After that, my father challenged me to play with him. Therefore, I set the chessboard and all the pieces and started playing. Of course, I lost, and I was so angry, because I hate losing and seeing others better than me. I would feel that I am a kind of an idiot if someone was good at something and I was not. Therefore, I practiced and practiced to develop myself in this game in my free time.

I felt ecstatic about learning a new game that could help me, and it was a way of breaking the usual routine. I have become more thoughtful and have improved my character, and it has made me more understanding of other people’s feelings. It has made me think about different solutions to a certain problem, and it has changed my life dramatically. Chess has made me learn about how to be a good loser and a good winner, and how to challenge the difficulties in life.

You can see that this fantastic game can change your own life and make you a better person whether you are in school, or at work. You can have a great time playing it, but at the same time, it stimulates your mind .So, why do not you try it yourself and see how it will affect your own life.                                                                                            .                 

By Enjie