Learning something new

We always see guns in action movies , so we might think that we are used to it but , when it comes to reality –trust me- it’s a completely different issue . The reason why I wanted to do this , one day I might need the knowledge and the familiarity of using a gun besides , shooting targets –not people- seems like something I would enjoy .

There are actually three main secrets to handling a gun , the first one is that you have to teach yourself how to hold the gun really still –I mean really still , the second one is to focus exclusively on your front sight , last but not least you have to press the trigger perfectly , without any tightening of your grip fingers or any tensing of your hand.

To be honest , at first I was a little bit afraid . It’s just that the idea of even touching a weapon and shooting make any girl feel out of her depth . But , once I held it in my hands all of that fear disappeared , it was just gone . On the contrary , I felt strong and comfortable and actually I did enjoy it .

I will never forget using a gun for the first time , when I heard that loud sound of the bullet –I didn’t know it would be that loud- , so I just dropped that gun and run away . My father couldn’t stop laughing , I think we had a great time , especially my father !.

So , as you can see , it’s never too difficult or too late to learn something new . In life you can always learn new things as long as you are alive , like the actor Tom Cruise once said ” I’m passionate about learning , I’m passionate about life.”

By  Iman.A.Swaysi