Horse Riding

We all have some interests to share with each other within our families.  Some interests turn out to be just like a habit for the entire family.  Even though some members are not really keen on it, it becomes an inevitable issue to be involved with them all.  Like it or not is not really the matter! All that you have to do is that, just pull yourself together and go ahead to try it.  So, it may benefit you, or you might love it.

I have been brought up in a horsey family and everyone seems to know how to ride a horse, even my younger two brothers, but I do not.  I was a twelve-year-old little girl when I first rode a horse.  At first, I did not like the idea, because I am not really fond of this type of sport where as my family has a great passion for it.

My father and I were both riding a horse, I was sitting in front of him, while my father was holding the bridle and the horse was walking around slowly in a very nice way as if he was modeling on a stage.  My brothers and my uncles were around watching, as my father insisted on me doing it from one side and the whole family from the other, therefore, I felt very calm and confident.  I was eager to try it again as well.

The third time, I was riding a horse on my own and everyone was there watching carefully.  At the beginning, everything was under control, but suddenly the horse was running very fast, I was very frightened and everyone was shocked.  So I fell over the horse and hurt my arm.  I was taken to the hospital and there the doctor said that my arm was broken.  The experience was a horrible one; however, I did not give up.

Such an accident turned out to be a great chance, which led me to admire this sport and I’ve learnt that we can not ever judge something just from the first time.  From then on I have not stopped trying new things even if I do not like them.

So, as you can see some situations, even the bad ones, can give us the opportunity to learn something new and may influence our lives in a very positive way.

Maymona Mustafa Albarassy

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