Is the school a certified Cambridge exam centre?

Yes. It is the only certified centre in the eastern part of Libya.

Are the teachers qualified to teach English?

All our teachers either have or are working towards the TKT Certificate. The minimum qualification to teach at the school is the CELTA or IH Certificate. A number of our teachers are also certified Cambridge ESOL Oral Examiners. The institute holds a weekly workshop directed at keeping teachers motivated and up to date with different aspects related to English language teaching. They are a mix of native and non-native speakers.

Can I change my group after I start attending a course?

Changing groups causes an imbalance in the classes and so therefore it is usually not allowed except in certain circumstances.

Can I take another final exam if I had to miss the first one?

Yes, if you have taken prior permission and have sufficient proof for reason of absence.

Can I claim a certificate after each level I pass?


Can I choose the days and times of my courses?

Depending on availability of the course requested.

Can I jump a level?

Students who achieve 95% or over are allowed to request a jump. They will be entitled to another placement test and this will determine the new level the student will join.

When can I attend the conversation classes?

Only students who are currently studying at the school and are in the pre-intermediate level and above are allowed to participate in one speaking class per week. The schedule is posted on the Reception Notice Board and in all classrooms.