About Benghazi & Libya

Area 16,809 sq mi (43,535 km2)
Population 670,797

Libya is an enormous country – twice the size of Egypt and roughly 1/3 the size of the entire EU. It’s 95% desert, and has a tiny population of just 6 million.

Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya after the capital Tripoli, it is located in the Northeastern region part of Libya. Benghazi has a Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild wet winters. Benghazi is the principal city of Eastern Libya and is one of Libya’s major economic centres as the city has an important port and there is also an industrial and commercial centre .

The religion in Libya is Islam and there are a variety of architectural styles in Benghazi’s buildings, which reflect the number of times the city has changed hands throughout its history. Arab, Ottoman and Italian rule have influenced the different streetscapes & building. Benghazi is a transport hub in Eastern Libya and is an important city on the northern coastal road that crosses Libya.