Memories of the Libyan Revolution

This is a short report about the survey that was done by Intermediate A students on the population of International House Benghazi.  This survey aimed to discover the roles that the students played in the revolution.

While many people like Mohamed, Karima and Reham were in their homes when the war started, some others were in more dangerous places.   One student in Intermediate B  was working in the desert near Agdam City and he started home to join the revolution when he heard the news.

Some students were watching TV when the Kitaba fell, but others were out in the Kitaba Street.  The student from Intermediate B was on his way home and having many problems.  Cars were breaking down and some bandits tried to steal his car and captured him and some others.  After two days they got help, escaped, and spent the night in Ben Walid City.  Another student named Aziz was working in Ubari and couldn’t get back to Benghazi because the war had started.

Almost everyone did what he or she could to help during the war, from fighting on the front like Omar and supporting the freedom fighters like Hani, to volunteering as press translators like Walid and helping families that had lost homes because of the war like the student who had been caught in the desert.  Many joined demonstrations in support of the revolution.

By the time Tripoli was liberated, many people had begun to return to their normal lives.  Some like Hazem were watching TV or like Mohamed were working.  The student from Intermediate B said that he was happy and excited when he heard the news because he knew that when Tripoli was liberated, the war would be won.  Ali said that he didn’t know anything about it because he was working for an oil company and had no TV or radio.

Many people like Aya were watching TV and Safa said that she was surprised and glad when Gaddafi was captured and killed.  Sami was at his friend’s wedding.  Our Intermediate B student said that watching Gaddafi humiliated and suffering and asking for mercy was the best memory ever.

Mohammed went with his family to AlKish Square to join the celebration after the liberation of Sirte as many people did.  However, Nahla said that she stayed at home.  Many people thought that this was the end of the war.

Reham, Antesar and the Intermediate B student all plan to vote in upcoming elections.  They want to vote for the most qualified people.  Even students who are too young to vote now, would like to be able to vote and plan to when they are 18 years old.

Mohamed Yousef, Raghda Bayou, Zakaria ElRmaili and Salsabil Mohmed contributed to this report.

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